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"I will be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be My people." (Jeremiah 31:1)


A Parable about Sexuality
This material courtesy of Acts 17:11

A Parable about SexualityOnce upon a time, in a land far, far away, a wise King gave each of his subjects a special TV set. Each person had one of his or her very own, and each was unique and beautiful.

"Take good care of this TV set because through it I will send my most important message to you of all time. It will concern the very meaning of life, and you will find it very pleasant. I will send it when the time is right, but the only way you will be able to receive it fully will be through the TV set I gave you."

This was a cheering message, even if a bit lofty to the people of this land. In any case, the actual TV sets were beautiful to look at and an interesting gift in themselves.

But some grew tired of waiting for the much anticipated "message" and turned their TV sets on in advance of the broadcast. A neat sort of snow filled the screen. "Wow" said some, and began to encourage others to do the same.

Another group, realizing this was simply noise, were disinterested. They turned their units on, but seeing that it was not what the King had promised, they quickly turned their sets back off.

"But wait," said the snow-watchers, "Turn the unit back on, and turn this color control adjustment knob here and it converts to a beautiful pink." This was much more eye catching than the first boring snow-noise signal. But this was modifying the sets from the original settings. Still, it was indeed quite fascinating and appealing. These TV set were proving rich in possibilities, even outside of how the King had said to use them and beyond his sanctioned use.

"Ah, look here!" Someone had opened a panel and found the vertical and horizontal hold controls. By tampering with these, truly dazzling images could be created, and by adjusting the color controls at the same time these pictures could be endlessly modified, it would seem. But this new discovery grew boring and unfulfilling very quickly since the images had no real meaning.

Minus a real broadcast, the sets should not have even been turned on, just like the King had instructed.

Those possessed with having an image now went around experimenting with all the sets they could get their hands on, encouraging others to turn their TVs on and to fiddle with the settings as well, in hope of getting a "new" or better picture out of the resultant distortion. But the sets at this point were being seriously degraded and ruined for their intended use.


Visit the Acts 17:11 website

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